Wealth Management


Straightforward Planning For Your Financial Security


At Dietz and Lynch, we've been helping clients for over 25 years.  During that time, we've developed a process for working with our clients that strives to put them in the best position to succeed.

The first step of that process is asking the right questions to get a picture of your financial situation and where you are today.

The second is understanding what your goals are for the future.

The third step provides and honest assessment of how attainable are those goals.

  • Which goals are most realistic?
  • Which are your priorities?

The fourth step is to explore what actions we need to take to work towards getting you there.


A Proprietary Investment Process


We employ a proprietary progressive process to manage investment assets developed by managing director, Neal Dietz.

Neal draws on more than 25 years of experience professionally managing relative strength investment strategies among securities and market sectors.

We manage assets in traditional long-only portfolios, as well as a long/short, sector rotation, and strategies that focus on a specific investment style or market sector.

In addition to our own internally managed investment portfolios, we offer access to a full spectrum of securities and other investment strategies through our advisors' affiliation with LPL Financial.

Financial planning offered through Dietz & Lynch Capital, a Registered Investment Advisor, and a separate entity from LPL Financial.

Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.